The Longest Journey T-Shirt



The Longest Journey T-Shirt / Men’s T-Shirt

IOSTRE T-shirt comes from selected high quality fabric which is Chief Value Cotton (CVC) that is a combination between cotton and polyester yarns to give all both benefits from those material.

Our designer and production team have many years experience to engineer and process this such high quality fabric in terms of pattern sizing and cutting so that you can still feel comfortable and confident while wearing this clothes to perform your workout.

IOSTRE T-shirt is not only suitable for wearing as an active-wear clothes, but also it looks good for casual and regular wardrobe for your daily basis activity.


Benefit of wearing IOSTRE T-shirt :

1. You feel confident as the fabric makes you look fit and slimmer as its cutting fits into your body contour.

2. The fabric properties that can stretch so it allows you to move freely while performing any workout and activity indoor and outdoor.

3. Proper sweat absorption properties provides comfortable to your skin.

4. As sweat absorption is quick, the fabric also enables the liquid to evaporate efficiently.

5. Polyester makes your clothes is durable as it is not prone to wear off and expand, that you will not obtain if it was made of 100% cotton.

6. Anti-bacteria properties, it is suitable for active-wear clothes.


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To have a good workout, you need a good workout clothes !!